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NOTHING  works better to
remove loose hair, dirt and
...And, animals LOVE IT!



"The SleekEZ is simply and utterly AMAZING, and I say this without word of a lie!! I wish I'd have gotten photos or videos of grooming my filly as she looked like a completely new horse after I'd done one side!!! The hair coming out was as if I had clipped her! It is without a doubt THE BEST shedding tool that I have ever used.  I had her tied up, but after doing just one side, I went and attacked my riding pony mare who was standing there watching.  She let me do her all over with it and really leant into it and just thoroughly enjoyed having it done!  This thing is BRILLIANT!  Iwas very sceptical (as I am with everything), but the SleekEZ is just mind blowing.  And, I am certainly not the richest person around, but found them affordable.  I bought one for my cat, too.  lol" ~ Lou Kimba, Australia


How the SleekEZ works


The SleekEZ utilizes a patented blade that is exclusive to SleekEZ. With a specific tooth pattern varying from 24 to 20 tpi, it has been shown the most effective at removing loose hair, dirt and dander effectively, yet gently, from your animal.


Made "Green"

Made entirely in the USA, SleekEZ makes quality a priority.  The SleekEZ is manufactured with "green" products.  The poplar wood hand is treated wtih a non-toxic water-based lacquer.  The glue used is low VOC and considered "green. No slave laborers and environmentally friendly!

SleekEZ Give Back Program

WE want to give back to the horse, dog and cat communities. There are many rescues out there struggling to save certain unfortunate animals and pets.  We have a program set up to give back 50 percent of all sales to designated nonprofits.  Go to:



We presently have product placed in several locations in Australia.  For more information visit our website:  If you would like to inquire to be a distributor or retailer, please email:

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